WELCOME to the Dragon Family Martial Arts Center. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to enhance your life. Whether your motivation is in self-defense, physical fitness, emotional/spiritual enhancement, or a healthy lifestyle we have the program for you.

MISSION: To Empower the Individual for Unlimited Potential.

PURPOSE: To provide a professional education in the science of fighting by combining  traditional values and modern self-defense.  To continue evolving for successful and up-to-date techniques and training methods for self-defense purposes.  To educate our youth in character and self-defense, giving them the tools to be better citizens and become architects of a brighter future.

VISION: To be an establishment for further exploration and education in the science of fighting and cultivation of the mind, body and spirit.  To reach our community making it a safer place to live.  To mentor self-responsibility and empower others to make positive changes in themselves, family, others and community.

WHAT TRAINING AT DRAGON FAMILY IS LIKE: Self-defense training is focused on real life simulations of confrontations based on a variety of situations and types of fighters (no experience, grapplers, boxers, criminals, etc.)  To be an efficient fighter, training needs to be adjusted for the individual’s tools, gender and body type.  This has evolved into why different styles are taught here.  Each one belongs together to build a well rounded fighter while allowing you to emphasizing your particular gift: boxing, grappling, weapons, trapping etc.    All work begins with a foundation of techniques and concepts through a full range of combat: long, mid-range and close.

Perfect practice makes perfect.

Sparring is essential to determine if you can perform under pressure.  Safe sparring requires proper guidance that we can provide at Dragon Family Martial Arts Center.  We want you to survive training so you can survive a real fight.  You can learn self-defense moves in a few months but it takes years to develop awareness and control to execute proper ‘force necessary’.  The longer you train the more efficient you become and drastically reduce your level of injury in a street fight.  It will take time and a lot of hard work but training has many rewards.

You will experience changes in health, flexibility, balance and movement.  Our staff is also educated in providing additional strength training, injury prevention and recovery services.  Private lessons are also fine tuned to your health status and goals taking you to the next level that you could not do alone.

For those of you with children, youth classes are suited to build character and motor skills early in child development. There is more lecture because teaching self-defense to children requires them to understand when NOT to use martial arts to win a confrontation.  Self-defense vs Revenge is our primary training focus while your child learns techniques to avoid, escape and survive a conflict from bullies and strangers.  We have a skilled staff committed to teaching your children the value of dedication, honesty, teamwork, plus much much more.

This is a great opportunity for you to get into shape and learn self defense, so don’t pass it up.  Contact us to set an appointment.

Helpful Links

http://home.vtmuseum.org/ – Sifu Benny Meng
http://www.jkdwednite.com – Tim Tackett
http://www.hockscqc.com – W.Hock Hochheim

  1. Hello, my name is Heather Lee. I’m Looking for some place to teach me to find my center, learn to become more focused, change my mind and body, and become a better, stronger person. I would like to come by your place and check it out. Hope to hear from ya Soon! Thanks

    • You are welcomed to visit. Our long term students are well developed individuals, very kind to offer help in class and are the core to the “family and friends” connection that develops during training. Mind and Body or spiritual development in our students are an indirect results from training. Our instructors have developed their center through different paths and are willing to share during and after classes.

  2. hi! I’m wondering if you found out anything about instructors in my area. Let me know. Thanks!

    • Haven’t found anyone. In response I’ve started a blogging series for long distance training. Wing chun is posted and I’ll have some really good stuff on Jeet Kune Do in a few weeks.

  3. I live in Arkansas but there is no school that teaches jeet kune do around here is there any way I can learn without moving out of state? Or should I learn from YouTube and get help from a taekwondo instructor?

  4. Does anyone know of JKD teacher in south KCMO area?

  5. Are you only in Independence or do you have other schools in kc

  6. What age groups do you have?

    • Kids Self-defense beginner classes start at age 5. We’ve had 4 year olds before based on their ability to listen and follow directions. The younger they are the more you have to play games than train to keep them engaged. By twelve they promote to green sash and join the advance youth class. From 5-15 all students start in beginner’s class. Older kids usually promote faster to the youth advance classes.

  7. I’m 40 but pretty active, never studied martial arts though, do you have a class for adult beginners?

  8. Do you allow your 5and under kids to spar ?

  9. Elijah l. Thomas

    I just need to get back in shape plus i luv martial art

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