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Super Hero Training

You are Invited to our FREE Super Hero Training for the whole family. We'll have fitness, self-defense and kids kung fu planned for the day. SHEDULE 10:30am-12pm Fred's MMA Conditioning Break for lunch 1-2pm Women's [...]

Martial Arts Fundraiser – Sparrow Scholarship

ORDER T-SHIRT TO HELP FUND OUR COMMUNITY PROJECTS-CLICK HERE Martial arts is in prime position to help fight against bullying.  It has been a hidden epidemic until now.  More recently, the news has been covering [...]

Kids Coaching 101

Want to help your kid learn martial arts? Follow these basic rules of coaching to spend time with your kids,  improve their skill, and earn their respect. Everyone will enjoy it. Positive Reinforcement – How [...]

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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Self-defense, physical fitness, emotional/spiritual enhancement, or healthy lifestyle – we have the program for you

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